We want to hear about your state’s ballot measures.

What are the key ballot measures in your state? How are you voting?

  1. crayonpanda answered: Voted to keep DHS and affirmative action.
  2. alymeetsturkey answered: We have a “gun rights” initiative in La. I voted nay.
  3. writtenthingsbylogan answered: Proposition 30! I voted a hearty YES. Education needs to stop being on the back burner in the state of California. We need to step up.
  4. aimthere answered: poop
  5. missmishi08 answered: We have a measure to repeal the death penalty. Also to not punish so harshly for non violent third strikes. Should be interesting!
  6. localplayground answered: CO—-Yes on Amendment 64
  7. his-gem answered: I’m from florida, the major amendments on our ballot were abortion, funding religious entities for secular services, taxes, etc.
  8. marmoora37 answered: California: Prop 30 YES!
  9. klezmeresque answered: Question 6 in Maryland: gay marriage. I am voting YES!
  10. partsofmeareawesome answered: In WA, decriminalizing Marijuana and allowing same-sex marriage, I voted yes on both
  11. erickaforman answered: 1 and 2 Expanding state run gambling. reject, 3 -Higher Education, Building funds. accept, 4 -Veterans home bonds. accept, 5 Clean Water bond
  12. weirdo-of-color answered: MD: in-state tuition for children of undocumented ppl, gay marriage, and slots. Yes to all, but slots.
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    Gurl don’t even get me started. I could rant on all 6 of Oklahoma’s ridiculous questions, but there are two big ones:...
  14. mostesekrit answered: Todd Akin: I’m voting “hello no.”
  15. unfiltr answered: Transfer tax on property: no
  16. vertiginous-firework answered: Yes for medical marijuana.
  17. i-was-promised-tea answered: massachusetts: legalizing medical marijuana and assisted suicide. voted “yes” to both
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  19. danetillman answered: ugh peasant
  20. bonophobia answered: Measure 80 in Oregon: Legalizing marijuana for those 21 and older, and otherwise putting an end to the bullshit war on drugs. Voted yes.
  21. polibohoglam answered: Florida: Vote NO on all amendments. Repealing ACA, irresponsible tax cuts and ending separation of church and state. No, Thank You.
  22. muddledmoogle answered: We only have one in KY, and my understanding is that it’s the NRA right to hunt. It didn’t get much coverage by media or groups.
  23. redvelvetisafruit answered: Formally removing school segregation from the state Constitution. In 2012!
  24. comma-butt answered: legalizing weed and gay marriage. The answer is YEP
  25. kaiamar answered: Ohio Issue 2 to redraw district lines. I voted yes.
  26. slizabth answered: There weren’t any ballot measures on mine (in Mississippi)… or at least I hope I didn’t miss something.
  27. yourbrightlonging answered: I voted no in MN on the voter ID and anti-marriage equality amendments!
  28. karbarkalediscope answered: Voting Democratic b/c I’m frightened about the way Repubs feel about a woman’s right to choose.
  29. cvctothelees answered: Maryland is voting (among other things) on gay marriage, expansion of gaming, and a state DREAM act. I’m for all three!
  30. jobotslash answered: In OR it’s mainly Library funding, school repairs funding, casinos, and marijuana (we already have medical). Yes to all except casinos.
  31. dilettantes-bookshelf answered: CA: Prop 30. Raises taxes on income over $250K, goes towards education. I voted yes.
  32. stereoma answered: Legalizing Pot and Gay Marriage. Approved and Rejected.
  33. emilyebba answered: Legalizing weed in Colorado! Voted yes! I don’t personally partake, but any step towards decriminalization is a good one I think!
  34. dontbesillyo answered: democracy is when
  35. iampeopletoo answered: Didn’t see a one in Texas either. Although the city of Houston wants to tear down poor peoples’ homes, “visual blight” they call them.
  36. parker-ryan answered: FL: No to almost all 11, from blocking pieces of Obamacare to anti-abortion to giving government money to religious organizations.
  37. sissy-space-echo answered: Albuquerque, New Mexico wants to raise the minimum wage a dollar to $7.50. I, of course, voted YES!
  38. emmauri answered: Referendum 74 in Washington State would allow same-sex couples to marry. Voted YES!
  39. ablogforjason answered: Here in WV we’re voting (for the 4th time in 30 years) on whether to break term limits on county sheriffs. (Current Limit: 2 terms)
  40. sk0b answered: Maryland Question 6: Marriage Equality! Yes!
  41. tiberiusly answered: In North Carolina we’re voting whether or not to continuing being total dickbags. I voted no.
  42. mls-classics answered: Constitutional amendment — adding the right to hunt/fish to the state constitution. As if it were in dire peril in KY.
  43. i-hummed-the-dies-irae answered: The most important ballot measures in MI this year are Props 2 & 4. Protect Collective Bargaining! Vote Yes!
  44. burnbookx answered: Voted YES to Ref. 74 in WA to legalize gay marriage!!
  45. savgoestocollege answered: Voted NO on Arizona’s Prop. 120, which would allow the state to declare sovereignty over federal lands. Lame attempt to face off with feds
  46. social-teaist answered: The Death with Dignity Act and the legalisation of medical marijuana…